Uncelebrated Jubilees

So, it's been seven months since I've been to any concert.

Time flies.

Meanwhile, as I understand, there won't be any concerts here until spring, at least. All events that had been scheduled previously for autumn are now cancelled, and no new gigs are being planned.

Kinda sad.

I also thought that a number of bands I like were planning to celebrate their jubilees this year, but they had no such opportunity for obvious (or should I say not so obvious?) reasons.

So, why not remember them today.

Kraftwerk - formed 1970.

Laibach - formed on 1 June 1980.

Einstürzende Neubauten - formed on 1 April 1980.

Welle: Erdball - formed 1990.

Green Card Lottery

So, I've just submitted my Green Card Lottery application.

For the tenth time!

For the tenth time in a row, unbelieveable.

And for the third time since I've left Russia (forever).

A decade has passed since I've taken part in this lottery for the first time, holy shit.

Fucking unbelieveable.

And still no success.

But now it's more of a tradition than anything.

So why care?


Your entry for the 2022 Diversity Visa program was received on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 12:07:24 PM EDT.


So, I just read Wikipedia article about this whole Estonia disaster thing.

Fucking hell.

I've definitely heard about this case before, sure, but for some reason I knew nothing about sircumstances surrounding this incident.

I've been to Tallinn a dozen of times, I believe, and I've definitely seen the monument, but still, I never realised what it means.

Meanwhile, this whole story is surely on par with Dyatlov Pass, and it may even seem more sinister, weird and spooky, considering the number of people who died.

Sweden definitely has some ultra-weird secrets, like murder of Olof Palme and this.

Fucking, fucking shit.

The weirdest part, though, there is a decent article in Swedish, a very good and extensive article in Russian, but no article in English at all. Like, at all. Fucking crazy.

https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estoniakatastrofen Крушение парома «Эстония»

The Second Wave

So, the schools and universities in Greece were finally opened on the 14th of September, but they began being closed down back almost immediately, due to "quarantines".

All schoolchildren, students and personnel are obliged to wear masks.

All this shit had already caused protests and resistance, protest meetings happen in the center of Athens almost on a daily basis, but they don't attract many people.

However, it is visible that resistance is slowly growing.

Fights over masks happen regulary, some parents even beat up teachers who make children wear masks, but then these parents are send to prison, and that's it.

Today I visited the city center, and it turned out that traditional Evzones parade is not being held again. Due to some circumstances I assume the parade was not held a week ago either.

So yeah, we're returning to lockdown times, only now we have crowds of tourists again. Many hotels that had been previously closed for the whole summer began functioning also.

But, starting from today, a number of new measures will be implemented - theaters and cinemas will be closed down again, the number of people taking part in gatherings will be limited, many workers will return to working from home etc.

So it's basically a second lockdown, less strict that one we had in April, without locking everyone at home, but it is a second lockdown nethertheless.

I think the whole world will spend the next year and a half (at least) being locked down to a certain extent. There is absolutely no sign of all this madness ending in the forseeable future. Time to start thinking about spending New Year in lockdown.

The culture is basically dead, but who cares about culture in such conditions anyway.