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Vilnius [Aug. 9th, 2019|02:35 am]

So, I've returned from Vilnius.

Unfortunatelly, the journey was not that great: the weather was ideal, hot and sunny and no rains, but on the first day of my stay I fell really ill for unknown reasons, and had to stay in bed for a whole day. I thought I would die.

I still haven't completely recovered, but now I feel much better, I only lost my voice, cough a little and I guess I still have too high temperature. But at least I could go to Rammstein concert in Riga.

A journey from Vilnius to Riga by bus takes four hours, and four hours back.

And Ryanair doesn't fly to Riga, that's why I had to fly to Vilnius.

Vilnius is ugh it's a beautiful barocco city where everyone speaks Russian.

Yeah, litearally.

It was a strange experince, many people wear clothes as if 90s never ended and speak Russian, they look like real gopniks, I've forgotten when I've seen so many gopniks in Russia itself, it seems like in Russia their time ended ten years ago at least, but Vilnius is still full of gopniks.

But all this gopnik shit happens in barocco landscape.

Everything is barocco.

So there they are, these true gopniks in barocco landscape, strange Latvian language that sounds like nothing I had heard before, hordes of Ukrainians...

As for Riga, it was fun.

After the concert all the restaurants and cafes etc in the city center were full of Rammstein fans and Rammstein music was playing everywhere.

It was like the only thing that exists in universe is Rammstein.

I've been to many Rammstein concerts (about twenty as of now, I guess), but never before have I seen anything like this.

Rammstein fans and Rammstein music was everywhere and nothing else but Rammstein music and Rammstein fans.

The bus station was full of Rammstein fans too.

I felt a certain nostalgy when I saw buses going to "Sanktpēterburga" and Russians with their fucking Russian passports and fucking visas.

Poor fucking people lol.

By the way, it was my first visit to Lithuania.


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