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Μεγάλη διαδήλωση στη Μόσχα - Yannis — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Μεγάλη διαδήλωση στη Μόσχα [Aug. 10th, 2019|10:47 pm]

Meanwhile, as of now we've already got three articles about this shit on just one platform: one, two, three.

Yeah, I'm reading all this to improve my Greek skills by the way. For no other reason.

But, judging by the numbers of shares (zero in all three cases), nobody here gives a shit.

Neither do I.

I think that Putin may be an evil maniac, a corruptioner and even a war criminal, but if you have to dress like that on August 10th, what's the point of living in such a country anyway?

Maybe those Russians will overthrow their old Putin and finally elect a new one, maybe it is possible, nobody will give a shit because in any case they are unable to overthrow their climate. And this is absolutely definitely, there is no "maybe" here.

So, what's the point?

As for Athens, today was a sunny hot day with temperature about 34-35C, but I'm still ill, caughing etc.

But even in my miserable condition I don't have to wear an overcoat, hat and trousers on August 10th.

Poor fucking swines.

It was impossible for me to live in such conditions, if temperature is below 20C I can't even call this life at all.

And I think people should not live their life like that, they are basically losing their human qualities.

Yeah, there are Scandinavians, Eskimo etc, but there are not many of them, as there are not many freaks of any other kind. And some freaks will always be present on Earth, in small quantities, of course, and that's what I want to say about Scandinavians etc.

But yes, what I want to say is that all these people are absolutely hopeless, and to me they are like, I don't even know, some kind of aliens? I may look at them with a certain amount of interest and empathy, but to be fair it is like watching a TV-program about life on another planet, which is far far away and which you will never visit again...